Valeria Komissarova, 6 years in Grishin Robotics and one of the 25 women in robotics you need to know about.

Valeria Komissarova, Grishin Robotics and one of the 25 women in robotics you need to know about.

The next confirmed speaker for the GR-EX World Congress 2019 is Valeria Komissarova. With no prior background in the industry, Valeria launched a successful venture capital firm – included in 2015 by the prestigious media publication Global Corporate Venturing into the list of Top-50 most ambitious venture investors.

Now, Valeria Komissarova started a new journey founding “Make Hardware”, Bay Area-based business development & fundraising consultancy for hardware ecosystem players (startups, VCs, service providers). Among her current clients is, full-service design & engineering agency for hardware products with presence in 10 countries and more than 200 employees. Prior to Make Hardware, Valeria had spent 6 years building from ground zero one of the leading hardware VC firms Grishin Robotics (investing in companies like Spire, Zipline, Sphero, littleBits). She is also an active mentor at TechStars, HAX & Make in Los Angeles.

Komissarova will share her experience in Grishin Robotics and the recently founded Make Hardware

In GR-EX World Congress, Komissarova will share her experience in Grishin Robotics and the recently founded Make Hardware, and will share her vision on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the robotics industry.

Valeria’s Background

Valeria Komissarova was the Business Development Director at Grishin Robotics for 6 years, the first-ever investment company exclusively focused on consumer hardware. Komissarova has been with the company since the moment of its inception.

Grishin Robotics is a global investment company with a mission of advancing innovation in robotics for the mass consumer market. This company is focused on investing in personal robotics technologies. The firm is led by Dmitry Grishin, co-founder & CEO of Mail.Ru Group. Grishin Robotics is a VC firm based in Silicon Valley and London, currently investing its second early-stage fund. Founded in 2012, they have been one of the first to start supporting entrepreneurs in robotics, IoT, AI, smart hardware and associated software

Valeria was the principal at Grishin Robotics and responsible for sourcing multiple investments in the firm’s portfolio including Spire, littleBits, Zipline, Sphero and so on.

In the next video, Komissarova explains why the timing for starting Grishin Robotics was just right, and shares some of the initial feedback from different parts of the robotics community:

Valery Komissarova on Robots in Depth

Valeria Komissarova, talking about working at an investment company focused on consumer robotics. She also talks about differences between the companies that get funded and the areas within consumer robotics where we are likely to see strong development in the next few years.

Prior to Grishin Robotics, Komissarova oversaw the internal and external relations at the internet company Mail.Ru Group, which is the biggest player in Eastern Europe, for 4 years, navigating the company’s communication policy through numerous M&As and IPOs as well as fast growth from 300 employees to 3,000. She has an extensive technological background, including MCSD.NET certification in software engineering and MCP in systems administration, and she is the author of a book about writing drivers for Windows-based operating systems.

At the same time, as a passionate enthusiast of cutting-edge technologies, Valeria has written more than a hundred articles for numerous outlets, mainly covering topics of operating systems’ architecture as well as information security. She started her career at 16 years old working in a couple of internet startups soon after the dotcom bubble, including media and search engine companies. Valeria studied international business and management at Bournemouth University, she also has a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Certificate in IR of the Investor Relations Society.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Valeria Komissarova in the next GR-EX World Congress which will take place in Madrid the 8th and 9th of May 2019.

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