“The Factory of The Future” of AMETIC

Madrid 10/01/2016. The AMETIC partner companies are organizing the ‘Factory of The Future’ which is expected to be one of the main attractions of the 2nd edition of Global Robot Expo 2017, the great international trade fair of robotics and related technologies, to be held between the 2nd And the 4 of February of 2017 in the Pavilion of the House of Field of Madrid.

A spectacular exhibition area with a surface area of 142m2 in which demonstrations of the various enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 will be carried out. In addition, there will be explanatory talks, workshops of ‘Design thinking’ and points in which to obtain more information about the potentialities of this type of technologies. Additionally, a Networking Day ‘Noche de la Industria 4.0’ will be held, which hopes to create an informal network meeting between Commission 4.0 members and exhibitors at the fair.

A great opportunity for AMETIC’s partner companies to showcase their products and services to all the players involved in a sector that is clearly expanding worldwide. Without doubt, the participation of AMETIC, will guarantee the presence of both national and international companies and their clients in the event.

And you? Are you one of their associates and would you like to have a space in this particular ‘Factory of the Future’? Do not miss the opportunity to position yourself in the process of transformation of the Industry. Get in contact with us.

More information: industria40@ametic.es


Pabellón de Cristal, Casa de Campo
28011 Madrid Madrid
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