Russ Angold

CEO, Ekso Bionics

As a Founder of Ekso Bionics, Russ Angold has been developing wearable robotics for over thirteen years. Russ holds numerous human augmentation patents and his breakthroughs have transformed Exoskeletons from science fiction to practical products helping individuals with paralysis from injury or stroke rehabilitate and recover. Russ has a diverse background working in Industrial Automation, Consumer Products, and Construction fields as well as serving as the principal investigator on several DARPA and DOD Exoskeleton programs.

    Samuel Bouchard

    CEO, Robotiq

    Samuel Bouchard is the CEO of Robotiq, a company that he co-founded in 2008. He is the author of Lean Robotics. This book is the result of Bouchard’s decade of experience at Robotiq. The Robotiq team spent the last decade helping thousands of manufacturers overcome manufacturing challenges using robots: from car component makers to electronics contract manufacturing firms; from first-time robot users to robotic experts looking at new ways to automate; and from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned machine shops. Bouchard holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics from Laval University.

      Mikkel Christoffersen

      Business Manager, Odense Robotics

      Mikkel Christoffersen is Business Manager at Odense Robotics – a cluster organisation with a vision to make Odense the global leader of the next industrial revolution. Mikkel heads a specialist team dedicated to growing the robotics cluster in and around Odense, Denmark’s third largest city. Here there are more than 100 robotic and automation companies and 2,600 employees, making the area the epicenter of Denmark’s robotic industry. Mikkel has more than 15 years of experience working at intersection between tech and business, with an extensive background from commercial positions within the enterprise software industry. He is passionate about facilitating growth by bringing people and businesses together.

        Alberto España

        CDO, Grupo Segura
        President of FOM Alumni & FOM Board Member Comitee

        After a long career in the field of industrial consulting in the areas of technology, processes and production, Alberto currently holds the position of Chief Digital Officer of Grupo Segura, a company in the automotive sector with production plants in different countries. Alberto is considered a technological creative specialized in definition, planning and direction of projects where the technological component is one of the main factors. Currently dedicated to Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of the Grupo Segura.

          Jaume Homs

          Iberia Channel and Sales Manager, HP

          Jaume joined HP in 2002 in the R&D organization as a software engineer and project manager. Since then he has held different positions in R&D, Marketing, Sales and Business Management. Prior to his current position, Jaume was the Indigo Commercial Business Manager for Europe Middle East and Africa. Previously, he had a sales position in Iberia in the Indigo business and prior to that in the Designjet business. Jaume has a proven track overachieving all business goals. Jaume holds a Master in Computer Science from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, a Master in IT Management and an Executive MBA by la Salle.

            Enrico Krog Iversen

            Investor with focus on start-up
            industrial automation companies

            Enrico Krog Iversen has been CEO and partner at Universal Robots from 2008 to 2016. He combines many years of experience inmanagement with in-depth knowledge within automation and production processes. Enrico Krog Iversen began his career as a management trainee with the shipping company A.P.Moeller/Maersk in Copenhagen, Denmark’s largest company. Subsequently, he has held various positions within the group, including a period as Operations Manager with Maersk, Inc. in New York,USA, before studying for a degree in business administration at the University of Southern Denmarkin Odense.

              Frank Moreman

              COO, SuitX

              Frank is the COO of suitX and before that was also the first COO of Ekso Bionics. He has been intimately involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of both industrial and medical exoskeletons since 2011. Before getting into exoskeletons, Frank held executive roles in contract manufacturing companies, which included the making of semiconductor and surgical robots. Frank has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.

                Denis Niezgoda

                Robotics Accelerator Lead, DHL

                Denis is currently leading the Robotics Accelerator program which supports DHL divisions with the widespread adoption of robotics solutions and jointly prototypes new solutions together with partners, customers, and startups. The program allows faster utilization of robotics technologies and provides customers with hands-on experience and customer-centric innovation. His wide experience in project management and logistics at DHL endorse his expertise in the field of robotic applications in logistics.

                  Maximo A. Roa

                  Group Leader on Dexterous Manipulation
                  DLR - German Aerospace Center

                  Maximo A. Roa works since 2010 as Group Leader on Dexterous Manipulation and Planning in the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at DLR – German Aerospace Center. In 2015 he also joined Roboception, a DLR spin-off working on 3D perception solutions for robotics, as Senior Expert on Grasping and Manipulation. Maximo obtained his PhD in Robotics in 2009 at the Polytechnical University of Catalunya, and is a certified PMP. He worked previously for Hewlett Packard R&D as a Research Specialist. He currently serves as co-chair of the IEEE-RAS Technical Committee on Mobile Manipulation.

                    Mel W. Torrie

                    CEO & Founder, Autonomous Solutions, Inc.

                    Mr. Torrie has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University and is founder and CEO of Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI) in Logan, Utah. ASI develops and sells systems for driverless ground vehicle control in Mining, Military, Agriculture, Material Handling, Automotive Proving Grounds, Industrial Cleaning and Security. Prior to founding ASI 16 years ago, Mr. Torrie worked at Utah State University where he managed two NASA Space Shuttle payloads. Mel is a sought-after speaker in the robotics community and has delivered addresses at conference events such as the Precision Farming Expo, RoboBusiness, The Canadian Institute of Mining, Optimizing Mining Operations, Robotics Alley, and Rise Hong Kong.

                      Fernando Vaquerizo

                      European Robotics Product Marketing Manager, Omron

                      Fernando studied Electronic & Automation Engineering in the University of Alcala de Henares. After the military service he joined Omron Iberia in 1997, this means more than 20 years ago. From 1997 to 2003, Fernando worked as product engineer responsible for inverters, servos and PLCs, which led him to become a motion control specialist. From 2003 to 2005 he was managing industrial projects in the engineering department located in Madrid. After that, Fernando joined the marketing team as product manager responsible for motion control and robots. On 2016 Fernando jumped from Omron Iberia to Omron Europe as European Robotics Product Marketing Manager which is his task nowadays, helping to develop the robotics business in Omron.

                        Rich Walker

                        Managing Director, Shadow Robot Company

                        As the manager of Shadow Robot Company, Rich Walker is developing new robots and new applications for robotics. He is also one of the three SME Directors of the EuRobotics association and on the Innovate UK “Robotics and Autonomous Systems” SIG Advisory Board.

                          Stephan Wirth

                          CEO, Savioke

                          Stephan Wirth is Co-founder and Leader of the Robot Navigation Team at the California-based robotics startup Savioke, developer of Relay, the leading autonomous indoor delivery robot. Since the company’s foundation in 2013, Stephan has been responsible for the development of Savioke’s major robot navigation software components. He’s now leading an international team of roboticists who ensure Savioke’s robots navigate autonomously through unstructured, dynamic environments and get to their destinations in a safe and timely manner. Before joining Savioke, Stephan worked at Silicon Valley robotics think tank Willow Garage and as Research Assistant at the University of the Balearic Islands. His interest in robotics arose during his studies in Koblenz, Germany, where he participated in several international robotics competitions, fascinated by the direct connection of computer science and the physical world through robots.