Shaping the future of autonomous transportation with drones

Madrid, 7/09/2016. Jonathan Evans President of the Global UTM Association, will give a special keynote about the future of autonomous transportation with drones in Global Robot Expo 2017.

From 2-4 February, El Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo in Madrid is hosting the second edition of Global Robot Expo, a vital event for companies and administrations interested in robotics and related technologies.

The president of The Global Unmanned Traffic Management Association (GUTMA) Jonathan Evans will talk about the business impact of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management. The future integration of drones into national airspaces will create issues with the current aviation systems in traffic management that this association wants to anticipate working to publish an open, technocratic blueprint for interoperability in software-defined and networked airspace systems.

The Global UTM Association is nonprofit consortium of private companies and public entities from 15 different countries. The founding members of the Global UTM association include companies such as Delair-Tech, DJI, Nokia, Parrot, Unifly, Skyward, Thales or Skyward among others. It also includes Civil aviation authorities from different countries like Germany, UK, France and China.

Their work will reflect in the future interoperability of the UAS helping in UAS identification and registration, dynamic geofencing, manned/unmanned integration, or weather data APIs. They provide for the aerial robotics industry what ICANN did for the commercial Internet.

The 2nd edition of Global Robot Expo aims to bring together, in three days and 8,000 m2 of exhibition space, all stakeholders in a industry that has a 10% annual growth expected over the next 10 years. According to the Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation of Production Technologies (AER-ATP), in the coming years investments in the field of robotics in Spain will be around 2,500 million euros.

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