Shadow Robot Company, manufacturing state of the art robot hands for the future

Rich Walker has been the soul of Shadow Robot Company during the last 17 years.  He will share his experience in a special keynote at Global Robot Expo 2017 about the next generation dexterous grasping and manipulation for future service robots.

Shadow Robot Company has been developing advanced dexterous hands for robots since 1997 and his Managing Director, Rich Walker, leads the team developing new robots and new applications for robotics. He is active in developing and implementing European robotic projects (FP7 and now Horizon 2020).

Also, Rich Walker is on the Innovate UK “Robotics and Autonomous Systems” SIG Advisory Board, as well as several EPSRC robotics advisory boards and management committees. Indeed, he is one of the three SME Directors of the EuRobotics association like Arturo Baronceli, CEO of Comau Robotics and also speaker confirmed in Global Robot Expo 2017.

Their robotic hands are able to mimic most of the actions of the human hand. Now that Shadow Robot’s researchers have worked out what can be done, the company is about to launch a new generation hand stripped of humanoid features such as fingernails, but with capabilities that are more useful on the shop floor.

Global Robot Expo aims to become a benchmark technology trade show worldwide and its proposal opens the door to markets traditionally linked to Spain, like Latin America. Due to the great success of the first edition, Global Robot Expo has become a reference not only in Europe but also in new markets.



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