Parrot, Yuneec and DJI present their latest innovations in Global Robot Expo

• The three most important robotics companies will participate as exhibitors in the next 28, 29, 30 and 31st of January in Global Robot Expo in El Pabellón de Cristal de La Casa de Campo in Madrid

• Yuneec and Parrot will present two of its newest products on the international fair on robotic Technologies

• DJI will show its photo and video drones, for industrial, professional and amateur use

Madrid, 11 December 2015.- Robot Global Expo, the international fair on robotic technologies, with the participation of Parrot, Yuneec and DJI, the three most important robotics companies in the world, who will present their latest devices. The next 28, 29, 30 and 31 January, in the El Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo in Madrid, we witness the latest generation of drones, a booming industry in a clear expansion.

Parrot, the first manufacturer in the world hands-free devices, among other products, will present Bebop 2, a first generation quadricopter for leisure. This is one of the market’s most advanced drones, equipped with the latest generation of sensors and technologies. With its incredible stability and maneuverability even in extreme conditions, and flight time of 25 minutes, making it one of the most powerful and stable industry devices.

Meanwhile, Yuneec, the Chinese company that has filed more than 50 patents, will announce the Tornado H920, a professional drone thanks to its modular, unique and innovative design makes it possible to capture amazing pictures and video clips to a variety of uses. A device that has the personal station ST24, with which we can see the real-time video and telemetry data during flight. In addition, professional video and photographs can discover new CGO4 a high-end camera compatible with the drone, developed for those who require a high resolution and high quality of the aerial image.

DJI will be present, the Chinese company that in just five years has managed to enter into the global lead with its drones photo and video, for industrial, professional and amateur.

The drones are playing an important role and more and more technology companies that expect to innovate in this world, but only the lucky few who manage to revolutionize the market, and achieved this, will attend Global Robot Expo.

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