Meet Domenico Raguseo of Exprivia, who will talk about cybersecurity in GR-EX Congress.

Meet Domenico Raguseo of Exprivia, who will talk about cybersecurity in GR-EX Congress

‘Cybersecurity has an intrinsic value’ is the title of Domenico’s conference. He will talk about the importance of Cybersecurity to protect Smart Enviroments.

Domenico is the head of cybersecurity in Exprivia | Italtel and Contract Professor at University of Bari where he is teaching cybersecurity. In the past, Domenico has been in IBM for 30 years covering several roles in development, product management, services and support, sales and sales support.

Great passionate about invention and innovation, Domenico got also the IBM Master Inventor Certification having several patents and patents disclosures released by many patent offices. He has wide experiences in cybersecurity and is an appreciated author and speaker, in national and international events.

Domenico says: the number of interconnected devices, sometime vital (like pacemakers), sometime less (ie camera), surrounding us, is changing the motivation of an attacker and therefore also the way we approaches cybersecurity. In an economy where everything seems to be driven by a return of investment, applying the same paradigm seems to be complicated and useless. We should start to consider to plan investments not to protect the service, but to keep the entire ecosystem alive and this requires a new model, a new approach, more deep collaboration and integration.

We are delighted to have the participation of Domenico in GREX20 and to learn from him!

Dominico Raguseo Exprivia
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