Meet Cyra Richardson from Microsoft who will be in GR-EX Congress

Meet Cyra Richardson from Microsoft who will be in GR-EX Congress

Cyra’s careers started at the tender age of 14 when she was part of a fledgling market research company in Philadelphia where she built cross tabulation software on the new IBM PCs.  She interned at RCA/GE and the Library of Congress.

Cyra specialized in data analysis and embedded systems at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. At the National Board of Medical examiners, Cyra built an embedded system to assess physicians for licensure. Avery international leaned on Cyra’s development skills to write firmware for industrial printers in assembler.

Cyra has played a role in many of Microsoft transformations since she started in 1990. As a developer she helped to build Windows 3.0, to create Windows CE, created developer tools for Microsoft’s embedded operating system, Windows CE. She was part of the team that transformed the industry when they brought programming to the non-developers with Visual Basic. In the second part of her career at Microsoft, she became an entrepreneur. She pitched, built and brought to market new projects, including Windows Imaging, thin versions of Windows Server and MSDN.

From time to time, Cyra parted ways with Microsoft to build her own startups.  In 2010, Amazon recruited Cyra to re-imagine, build and operate their mobile web shopping business while onboarding Kiva. Though she realized substantive business success at Amazon, Cyra rejoined Microsoft as an engineering manager to help pitch, build and operate the Intelligent System Service (which later became Azure IoT Suite). She went on to GPM Windows 10 IoT.  Cyra pitch, got funding and built out 4 Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs in Redmond, Munich, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

In Business Development Cyra led the acquisition of Solair, participated in Microsoft’s acquisition of ML of Bonsai and lead partnerships that enhanced Microsoft IoT & AI portfolio on Azure. Cyra spearheaded strategy in Manufacturing that lead to material partnerships and customer engagements for Microsoft. Now Cyra Richardson is the General Manager for Microsoft’s cross company initiative on Automation (including IoT, AI and RPA).

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