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Madrid 27/01/2017. The best autonomous building robots will compete in Global Robot Expo.

  • Ferrovial has launched a challenge for the designers of autonomous robots that will compete from February 2 to 4 in Madrid.
  • The prototypes will have to carry the simulated loads in an environment of a real work to scale.
  • The competition will end with an exhibition of the top 10 selected robotics projects.

In the framework of the second edition of Global Robot Expo, one of the biggest international fairs of robotics, related technologies and innovation that is celebrated in Madrid from February 2 to 4, 2017, will take place the first International Challenge of Autonomous Robots for Construction , Launched by Ferrovial, sponsor of the event, and organized by Ennomotive.

The Challenge consists of the development of a small robotic prototype (Arduino type or similar) sensorized with IoT (Internet of Things) technology for a future autonomous transport of materials in large works. To participate in this competition, it is necessary to send a written description of the solution proposal through the Ennomotive online platform. Subsequently, the sensorized prototype that will participate in the Challenge will have to be realized.

Ferrovial and Ennomotive will select the 10 best projects that finally participated in the competition, which will be carried out during the first days of Global Robot Expo. The last day of the event, the day open to the general public, all the selected projects participate in the exhibition of the capabilities of these autonomous robots and the awards are presented to the winners.Last year, more than 10,000 people attended Global Robot Expo and saw the latest advances in robotic technology.

The profile of visitors during the three-day professional attendance of CEOs, CMOs, Purchasing Managers, Engineers, Executives and Researchers.The field of robotics has a great impact in the area of management of infrastructures, reason why Ferrovial is immersed in the application of its different areas of business. For example, recently at the Smart City Expo the assistance robot to street cleaning A1A3, which is being tested these days in the streets of Barcelona. A model for passenger care at Glasgow Airport is also in the test period. Ferrovial’s Innovation area puts in place about 100 innovation projects annually in areas such as Large Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics or Drones.

About Ferrovial

Ferrovial is one of the main global operators of infrastructure and service managers to cities, committed to the development of sustainable solutions. The company has 100,000 employees and presence in about twenty countries. Its areas of activity are focused on: Services, Highways, Construction and Airports. The company is listed on the IBEX 35, is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good sustainability indexes and applies the principles of the United Nations Global Compact signed by the company in all its operations in 2002.
About Global Robot Expo

Global Robot Expo is the definitive event to take the pulse to the state of the current robotics. There you will find, under one roof, all the interconnected sectors: educational robotics, industrial, consumer robotics, service professional, health, IA, software, IoT, Smart cities, technologies related to robotics or drones. In this second edition of 2017, different thematic areas will be represented, such as a house of the future or a technological classroom full of the latest innovations in this field and robots that will coexist in that environment. This year there will be an international level panel of experts from around the world.

About Ennomotive

Ennomotive is the first company in the world dedicated to solving engineering challenges proposed by companies through its online platform. As the technology advances at an incredible speed, Ennomotive organizes competitions to obtain different solutions for the same challenge and thus to be able to obtain the best one. For this, it has a global community of +4,000 specialist engineers from +50 countries. Ennomotive works with robotics challenges combined with the latest technologies of Industry 4.0 and sensing, in addition to other fields of engineering like energy, water, production ….

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