Join the Arduino robotic workshops

Global Robot Expo wants to give the opportunity to those passionate on robotics, to live an educational, fun and unique experience. This is an Arduino workshops driven by professionals of Robotics and Automation Association of Spain (ARDE).

There will be different levels of learning depending on the participant profile: A beginner level and an intermediate level driven by President Pedro Castilla Weeber ARDE. At the level of initiation will be explained what Arduino is, compared with all parts of a robot and the necessary hardware. At the intermediate level, the rapid assembly and programming of a mobile platform will be explained. It’s a level intended for an adult audience, but you can always teach children programming with Scratch.

Finally, we will have an advanced level driven by Manuel Valencia, expert in this area, in which you will learn to use a LAN connection module with Arduino. In a second part to use an app to connect with it. For further information, schedules and registration for participation in the workshops, you can visit this link.

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