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GR-EX INNOVATION AWARDS aims to distinguish disruptive solutions, notable for their technological nature, which optimize production processes, improve product quality, increase worker safety, reduce costs or offer alternative solutions to current problems in industry, robotics, artificial intelligence & aerospace.



IoT, Big Data & Analytics, Additive Manufacturing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Simulation, Automation and Systems Integration, Cloud Computing, Logistics, Cibersecurity, Industrial & Collaborative robotics,


Field Robotics, Underwater Robotics, Autonomous Robotics, Exoskeletons, Mobility, Humanoids, R&D, Health…


Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Financial Services, Medicine, Health, Artificial Vision, Autonomous Driving Systems…


Aerial Robotics, Aerial platforms, Mobility, Geolocalization, Sensorization, Autonomous navigation systems, Communication systems…


Registration - BEFORE April 15th 23:55 CET Time

Candidates will have time to present their applications through the registration form until April 15th, 2019 and at 23:55 CET.

Preliminary analysis and pre-selection of the candidates - BEFORE April 20th 23:55 CET Time

Upon receipt of each project, the preliminary analysis phase of the proposals received will begin, which will focus mainly on the level of innovation, viability of the business model, proposed solution, and compliance with the bidding rules.
The best projects in each of the categories will be selected to access the next phase.

Evaluation Committee - BEFORE April 23rd 23:55 CET Time

Global Robot Expo will designate an Evaluation Committee that will prepare the evaluation report prior to its subsequent delivery to the Jury of the GR-EX Innovation Awards. Among the best of each category, the jury will select the finalists and then select the winner. The jury reserves the right not to choose a finalist in each of the categories.

Jury and Final decision - BEFORE April 26th 23:55 CET Time

The GR-EX Innovation Awards Prize Jury will be composed of recognized professionals in the sectors of each category. The jury reserves the right not to award the prize to any of the finalist projects. The jury's decision is final.

Winner Announcement - 8th of May



Any entrepreneur, inventor or group of entrepreneurs or inventors, as well as already established companies or Start-Ups, that:

  • Reside within the European Economic Area.
  • Are over 18 years of age.

Basic requirements

• Candidates should indicate clearly to which category do they apply
• The proposal can be presented in Spanish or English.


• Attach a video in which you defend your project. Maximum duration: 5 minutes. A link to the video (YouTube, Vimeo or similar) must be included in the registration form.

• Any other type of audiovisual material that the participants consider relevant to attach and that is an added value to the project.