Hocoma, the rehabilitation of tomorrow

Madrid 23/12/2016. Clemens Müller, Head of Clinical Education in Hocoma, will talk about the rehabilitation robotics in his conference at GREX’17.

This is what they work for at the Swiss medtech company Hocoma. With technologies and ideas that look at functional movement therapy from a completely different angle. Because they enable independent exercise and create maximum motivation, because they challenge people to take courage and support their hopes with personal achievements.

At Hocoma, they are committed to support clinicians and patients in neurorehabilitation with innovative, high-quality therapy solutions. Their products are designed to optimize the quality and efficiency of the therapy and enhance the motivation of patients and medical staff.

Clemens Müller is a highly motivated expert with scientific background and showing profound communication and social skills. More than 10 years expertise in the field of teaching and education focusing on rehabilitation, medical engineering and research & development.

Public demand, awareness and acceptance of advanced technology therapy solutions are increasing, also based on given clinical evidence for their effectiveness. In parallel, the number and diversity of clinical devices is growing. The successful integration and clinical application of advanced technologies are key components for healthcare institutes to cover the needs and conditions in modern therapy. In the talk of Clemens Müller from Hocoma, you will learn about the benefits, challenges and future trends of technologies in rehabilitation. Furthermore, you will get insights how Hocoma became the global leader in Rehabilitation Robotics.

This conference will be sponsored by Fundación Once, the main objective of this association is to carry out job-training integration and employment programs for persons with disabilities, and global accessibility, promoting the creation of environments, products and services that are globally accessible.

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