GR-EX Industry: the meeting point for industrial innovation

GR-EX Industry: the meeting point for industrial innovation

  • GR-EX Industry will be the meeting point for industrial innovation showing a wide range of technologies and trends for the coming years: automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and solutions for the Industry 4.0.

Global Robot Expo, the B2B international event on innovation, robotics and related technologies is a meeting point and a showcase of innovative technologies for industry professionals. Among the represented sector you can find Service Robotics, Logistics, Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Aerospace technologies.

The goal of the organization is to shift GR-EX into an event of reference in industrial innovation and, as in the last edition, in 2020 different areas of the event will be differentiated, with a special focus on GR-EX Industry and GR-EX Logistics, highlighting the importance of these sectors in the Spanish industry. The fourth edition of GR-EX has exceeded by far the past editions in terms of number of exhibitors, forcing the organization to expand the exhibition space, and moving the event to a bigger Pavilion – 12 in IFEMA – Feria de Madrid.

This type of event is a unique opportunity for professionals to meet the industry leaders, take note of the latest trends, find synergies and, as a more recurrent objective, look for new business opportunities.

The diversification that GR-EX is offering is a consequence of the demand of the sector, with the support of widely known associations such as the IFR (International Federation of Robotics), which, according to its latest report, places Spain in 4th place in the European market of industrial robotics (after Germany, Italy and France) and provides that investments in industrial robotics in Spain will increase between 10% and 15% annual average between 2018 and 2021.

This evolution has been very well received in the industry and this is reflected in the sponsorship of leading companies such as Universal Robots – Danish manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms, Mouser Electronics – distributor of electronic and semiconductor components, with presence in the US, Europe, Asia; Schunk – multinational company of reference in the market of clamp systems and clamping technology and KUKA – world leader in the supply of robotics and technology of installations and systems.

GR-EX Industry will take place together with Global Robot Expo, the next April 1st and 2nd of 2020.

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