“Global Robot Expo consolidates Madrid as a clear benchmark in the robotics and technology sector”


Enric Forner: “Global Robot Expo consolidates Madrid as a clear benchmark in the robotics and technology sector”

  • The Crystal Pavilion at the Casa de Campo hosts this exhibition, open on 2, 3 and 4 February
  • Guests at the inauguration included Masahi Mizukami, Ambassador of Japan in Spain; Daniel T. Crocker, Trade Delegate at the US Embassy; Javier Ruiz, Deputy Regional Minister for Economy and Innovation from the Government of Madrid; Teresa Palahí, Secretary General of Fundación ONCE, and Jesús García Tello from Red.es
  • Over three days, Global Robot Expo will become a business and investment forum offering exhibitions of the industry’s most advanced robots and drones.



Madrid, 2 February 2017.- From today and until Saturday 4 February, the Crystal Pavilion at the Casa de Campo in Madrid will host the second edition of Global Robot Expo, the international exhibition of robotics and associated technologies. For the second year running, the event will bring together global experts in cutting-edge sector technologies, in collaboration with major businesses such as Altran, Fundación ONCE, Philips Lighting, Tharsus Group Ferrovial and Accenture, who are also event sponsors.


The official inauguration ceremony of #GREX17 was held on Thursday at the Factoría del Futuro with guests including Masahi Mizukami, Ambassador of Japan in Spain; Daniel T. Crocker, Trade Delegate at the US Embassy; Javier Ruiz, Deputy Regional Minister for Economy and Innovation from the Government of Madrid; Teresa Palahí, Secretary General of Fundación ONCE, and Jesús García Tello from Red.es.


During the inauguration, the Ambassador of Japan Masahi Mizukami stressed “the importance the Government of Japan places in promoting a ‘Robotic revolution’ by using robots in most scenarios of daily life”. Mizukami emphasised care robotics and highlighted that “it will contribute to making the lives of the disabled easier, and will enable the elderly to be more independent and enjoy a greater quality of life”.


Along these lines, the Secretary General of Fundación ONCE Teresa Palahí assessed the commitment of her organisation to robotics as, “essential, on the one hand, to making this type of technology accessible to everyone and, on the other, for it to become a fundamental tool for removing the physical and communication barriers that are still frequent in society”.


Enric Forner, CEO of Global Robot Expo, stressed that a trade fair of these characteristics not only consolidates Madrid as a “clear benchmark” in the robotics sector and among its professionals, but also makes it a showcase for the world. “It is a major opportunity to create synergies, share learning and inspire new business models”, he said.


On the first day of the event the international expert conferences focused on industrial and professional robotics. Arturo Baronceli de Comau explained new concepts that foster developing cooperative robotics that require a high payload, broad scope and high productivity. Jonathan Evans, an expert in drones from the Global UTM Association (GUTMA), offered a particularly relevant lecture on the business impact of unmanned aircraft systems traffic management.


Dave Swan, Technical Director of British robotics company Tharsus Group, also addressed energy spending during the first day of the event, sharing how to avoid wasting energy by creating collaborative networks.


During the afternoon session, Rich Walker from Shadow Robot Company will give a conference on next generation dexterous grasping and manipulation for future service robots. The day will end with a Business Forum on investment in robotics.



Friday and Saturday at #GREX

Therapeutic and healthcare robotics will have a significant space at this second edition of the Global Robot Expo; an area sponsored by Fundación ONCE. It will feature the world’s most flexible and powerful exoskeletons, represented by leading care and rehabilitation robotic companies including: Technaid, Gogoa, Japanese firm Cyberdyne, Aura Innovative Robotics or Marsi-Bionics from Spain.

Consumer robotics will have its space at the fair by recreating a Smart Home; a home of the future where you can meet robots such as iJINI (by Korean company InnoplayLab), DUMMY, who works as a housekeeper, and furniture controlled by apps developed by FAMA; live demonstrations on how to print and restore large-scale furniture for the home by WASP, a window cleaning robot by SMARTTEK, an independent robot vacuum by ECOVACS, or the latest developments in lighting by Philips.

Global Robot Expo will also be a space for learning with a technology classroom created using the most innovative teaching proposals. Saturday is kid’s day, with workshops to get kids started in robotics.

The event will be open to the general public on Saturday with activities such as the Madrid Drone Film Festival, drone competitions, The Challenge launched by Ferrovial, and a visit by WRO, the world’s largest robotics association.

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Join the Ferrovial Robot Challenge!

Madrid 27/01/2017. The best autonomous building robots will compete in Global Robot Expo.

  • Ferrovial has launched a challenge for the designers of autonomous robots that will compete from February 2 to 4 in Madrid.
  • The prototypes will have to carry the simulated loads in an environment of a real work to scale.
  • The competition will end with an exhibition of the top 10 selected robotics projects.

In the framework of the second edition of Global Robot Expo, one of the biggest international fairs of robotics, related technologies and innovation that is celebrated in Madrid from February 2 to 4, 2017, will take place the first International Challenge of Autonomous Robots for Construction , Launched by Ferrovial, sponsor of the event, and organized by Ennomotive.

The Challenge consists of the development of a small robotic prototype (Arduino type or similar) sensorized with IoT (Internet of Things) technology for a future autonomous transport of materials in large works. To participate in this competition, it is necessary to send a written description of the solution proposal through the Ennomotive online platform. Subsequently, the sensorized prototype that will participate in the Challenge will have to be realized.

Ferrovial and Ennomotive will select the 10 best projects that finally participated in the competition, which will be carried out during the first days of Global Robot Expo. The last day of the event, the day open to the general public, all the selected projects participate in the exhibition of the capabilities of these autonomous robots and the awards are presented to the winners.Last year, more than 10,000 people attended Global Robot Expo and saw the latest advances in robotic technology.

The profile of visitors during the three-day professional attendance of CEOs, CMOs, Purchasing Managers, Engineers, Executives and Researchers.The field of robotics has a great impact in the area of management of infrastructures, reason why Ferrovial is immersed in the application of its different areas of business. For example, recently at the Smart City Expo the assistance robot to street cleaning A1A3, which is being tested these days in the streets of Barcelona. A model for passenger care at Glasgow Airport is also in the test period. Ferrovial’s Innovation area puts in place about 100 innovation projects annually in areas such as Large Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics or Drones.

About Ferrovial

Ferrovial is one of the main global operators of infrastructure and service managers to cities, committed to the development of sustainable solutions. The company has 100,000 employees and presence in about twenty countries. Its areas of activity are focused on: Services, Highways, Construction and Airports. The company is listed on the IBEX 35, is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good sustainability indexes and applies the principles of the United Nations Global Compact signed by the company in all its operations in 2002.
About Global Robot Expo

Global Robot Expo is the definitive event to take the pulse to the state of the current robotics. There you will find, under one roof, all the interconnected sectors: educational robotics, industrial, consumer robotics, service professional, health, IA, software, IoT, Smart cities, technologies related to robotics or drones. In this second edition of 2017, different thematic areas will be represented, such as a house of the future or a technological classroom full of the latest innovations in this field and robots that will coexist in that environment. This year there will be an international level panel of experts from around the world.

About Ennomotive

Ennomotive is the first company in the world dedicated to solving engineering challenges proposed by companies through its online platform. As the technology advances at an incredible speed, Ennomotive organizes competitions to obtain different solutions for the same challenge and thus to be able to obtain the best one. For this, it has a global community of +4,000 specialist engineers from +50 countries. Ennomotive works with robotics challenges combined with the latest technologies of Industry 4.0 and sensing, in addition to other fields of engineering like energy, water, production ….

¡Join our robotic workshops on the 4th of February in GREX!

Madrid 26/01/2017. Saturday 4 February at Global Robot Expo at the Casa de Campo Glass Pavilion will be a day open to the general public and for families to enjoy and learn firsthand all the latest innovations in robotics, innovation and technology.

SPC – Makeblock, Camp Tecnologic and Future Kids Now are in charge of content nourishing these workshops and have organized some very interesting days so that people of all ages and passionate about robotics can learn a little more from the hand of the best experts Of the sector.

10:00 a.m. to 10:45. Racingbots. SPC – MAKEBLOCK – DROIDE COMUNIDAD

Older than 8 years. Max 10 pax.

Compete for being the fastest, program your RacingBot and prove that no one can stop you!

In the workshop of race robots the student must program the mBot that is able to follow a circuit composed by lines faster, without losing the orientation or leaving the track, controlling the speed parameters of each robot engine.

Goals: Students will learn fundamentals and basic concepts of programming micro-controllers focused on mobile robotics, as well as learning different sensors and actuators.

11:00 – 12:00. Happy Plant Micro Bit Project. CAMP TECNOLOGIC

Performing the Happy Plant workshop where young engineers will learn how to visualize with an emoticon if a plant needs to be watered (sad face) or has enough water (happy face)

Micro: bit is the new electronic learning and programming kit developed in the UK by the BBC in collaboration with Microsoft and Samsung and English Universities among other partners, its design and programming platform has been made for use in schools from primary, For learning programming and electronics from an early age. More than 1 million micro-bit boards have been delivered to all 5th grade students in the UK.

12:00 – 12:45. Sumobots. SPC – MAKEBLOCK – DROIDE COMUNIDAD

Older than 8 years. Max 10 pax.

Within robotics competitions there are tournaments of sumo robots, also called sumobots. In this workshop each student will prepare and schedule a sumobot that will have to knock down or expel the opponent from the dohyo. Build and program your sumo robot, you will compete against your rivals for conquering the Doyho.

Goals: Students will learn fundamentals and basic concepts of microcontroller programming focused on mobile robotics, as well as the operation of different sensors and actuators.

16:00 – 16:45. Artbots. SPC – MAKEBLOCK – DROIDE COMUNIDAD

Older than 8 years. Max 10 pax.

Create a robot capable of turning bits into art!

In this activity we will program and control the robot mBot to create drawings in sheets using markers to be placed on it. Once programmed, the robot will perform different strokes, drawings, shapes, depending on the parameters assigned by the student.

Goals: Students will learn fundamentals and basic concepts of microcontroller programming focused on mobile robotics.

17:00 to 18:00. FUTURE KIDS NOW

Workshop on robotic initiation and recreational science activities for children and adolescents. These are two groups of 7-8 participants each team.

To enroll in the workshops you just have to send an email with your name and the workshop you want to sign up for:







¡The Wolrd Robot Olympiad comes to GREX!

Madrid 25/01/2017. The World Robot Olympiad arrives at Global Robot Expo! The world’s largest association of robotics competition with more than 20,000 teams worldwide arrives for the first time in Madrid to make an exhibition within the program of Global Robot Expo.

The challenge consists of 5 different tests using LEGO MINDSTORM as platform:

  • Speed Robots
  • Relays
  • Siguelines
  • Sigilines with obstacle
  • Sumobot

Anyone can register to participate in this exhibition through the page http://sumobot.es/

Register and participate!

“The Factory of The Future” of AMETIC

Madrid 10/01/2016. The AMETIC partner companies are organizing the ‘Factory of The Future’ which is expected to be one of the main attractions of the 2nd edition of Global Robot Expo 2017, the great international trade fair of robotics and related technologies, to be held between the 2nd And the 4 of February of 2017 in the Pavilion of the House of Field of Madrid.

A spectacular exhibition area with a surface area of 142m2 in which demonstrations of the various enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 will be carried out. In addition, there will be explanatory talks, workshops of ‘Design thinking’ and points in which to obtain more information about the potentialities of this type of technologies. Additionally, a Networking Day ‘Noche de la Industria 4.0’ will be held, which hopes to create an informal network meeting between Commission 4.0 members and exhibitors at the fair.

A great opportunity for AMETIC’s partner companies to showcase their products and services to all the players involved in a sector that is clearly expanding worldwide. Without doubt, the participation of AMETIC, will guarantee the presence of both national and international companies and their clients in the event.

And you? Are you one of their associates and would you like to have a space in this particular ‘Factory of the Future’? Do not miss the opportunity to position yourself in the process of transformation of the Industry. Get in contact with us.

More information: industria40@ametic.es


Pabellón de Cristal, Casa de Campo
28011 Madrid Madrid

Hocoma, the rehabilitation of tomorrow

Madrid 23/12/2016. Clemens Müller, Head of Clinical Education in Hocoma, will talk about the rehabilitation robotics in his conference at GREX’17.

This is what they work for at the Swiss medtech company Hocoma. With technologies and ideas that look at functional movement therapy from a completely different angle. Because they enable independent exercise and create maximum motivation, because they challenge people to take courage and support their hopes with personal achievements.

At Hocoma, they are committed to support clinicians and patients in neurorehabilitation with innovative, high-quality therapy solutions. Their products are designed to optimize the quality and efficiency of the therapy and enhance the motivation of patients and medical staff.

Clemens Müller is a highly motivated expert with scientific background and showing profound communication and social skills. More than 10 years expertise in the field of teaching and education focusing on rehabilitation, medical engineering and research & development.

Public demand, awareness and acceptance of advanced technology therapy solutions are increasing, also based on given clinical evidence for their effectiveness. In parallel, the number and diversity of clinical devices is growing. The successful integration and clinical application of advanced technologies are key components for healthcare institutes to cover the needs and conditions in modern therapy. In the talk of Clemens Müller from Hocoma, you will learn about the benefits, challenges and future trends of technologies in rehabilitation. Furthermore, you will get insights how Hocoma became the global leader in Rehabilitation Robotics.

This conference will be sponsored by Fundación Once, the main objective of this association is to carry out job-training integration and employment programs for persons with disabilities, and global accessibility, promoting the creation of environments, products and services that are globally accessible.

Next generation of interactive robots

Madrid. 29/11/2016. Sethu Vijayakumar, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics will be in Global Robot Expo giving a keynote about the next generation of interactive robots.

Professor Vijayakumar, who has a PhD (1998) from the Tokyo Institute of Technology,  has pioneered the use of large scale machine learning techniques in the real time control of large degree of freedom anthropomorphic robotic systems including the SARCOS and the HONDA ASIMO humanoid robots, KUKA-DLR robot arm and iLIMB prosthetic hand. His latest project (2016) involves a collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Centre on the Valkyrie humanoid robot being prepared for unmanned robotic pre-deployment missions to Mars.

The keynote of Sethu Vijayakumar will be about the next generation of robots which are going to work much more closely with humans, other robots and interact significantly with the environment around it. As a result, the key paradigms are shifting from isolated decision making systems to one that involves shared control — with significant autonomy devolved to the robot platform; and end-users in the loop making only high level decisions.

This talk will introduce technologies ranging from robust multi-modal sensing, shared representations, compliant actuation and machine learning techniques for real-time learning and adaptation that are enabling us to reap the benefits of increased autonomy while still feeling securely in control. The also raises some fundamental questions: while the robots are ready to share control, what is the optimal trade-off between autonomy and control that we are comfortable with?

Domains where this debate is relevant include self-driving cars, mining, shared manufacturing, exoskeletons for rehabilitation, active prosthetics, large scale scheduling (e.g. transport) systems as well as Oil and Gas exploration to list a few.

Special Investment in Robotics in Global Robot Expo 2017

Madrid 10/11/2016. In Global Robot Expo 2017 will be a round table about investment in robotics. Trends to watch in the next decade.
Money is the key, investment in robotics is one of the most important factors in the development of a new ideas, forms or solutions. Global challenges like sustainability, economic growth or demographic development are being solved by the robotic revolution. It’s no wonder that since 2012 the investment in robotics have reached more than $2.6 Billions and companies like Google, Intel or Qualcomm have entered an industry that is expected to grow at 10% rate for the next 10 years. In Global Robot Expo we want to give you a sneak peek in the robotic megatrends that will be key for the next decade and the companies that are worth investing now. We have created a round table with world class experts in robotic investments, come to meet them.

Karem Kharmandarian
Senior investment manager, Pictet Robotics
Karen Kharmandarian joined Pictet Asset Management in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2004 and is a Senior Investment Manager in the Thematic Equities team since 2007. Since its launch in October 2015, Karen manages the Pictet Robotics fund.
Karen began his investment career in 1994 with Société Générale in Paris as a management board adviser for banking matters. In 1996, he joined Aurel-Leven to set up and head the credit research department and in 1999 moved to the buy-side in a similar role with Ixis Asset Management in Paris, where he spent five years.


Richard Lightbound
CEO for Europe in Robo Global
Richard is CEO of ROBO Global Partners Ltd. and has worked for over 21 years in the financial and treasury services industry. In addition to managing daily operations in Europe and Asia, he is responsible for executing our business strategy and serves on the Index Committee and Classification Committee. During his career as a Commercial Banker, Richard served with Wells Fargo and Standard Chartered Bank in senior management positions with responsibility for Institutional and Corporate clients across Europe, MENA and Asia. Richard also served with TradeCard (now GT Nexus) where he launched and managed operations in 6 markets. TradeCard was funded by Warburg Pincus and today is the world’s largest cloud-based commerce network. Richard has lived and worked in Hong Kong, USA, Europe and Sri Lanka.


Jonathan Cohen
CIO in RoboCap LLP
Jonathan is the Founding Partner and CIO of RoboCap LLP. Following his graduation in Management with a Major in Finance from the University of St Gallen in 2004, Jonathan joined Bedrock SA, a multi-family office based in Geneva and London, where he was hired as the equity analyst for an activist investor. He then joined Goldman Sachs where he got promoted to Associate Investment Professional within the Institutional Wealth Management team. In 2009, he became the CIO of Huet & Cie BV, an Independent Asset Manager based in Geneva and Zurich, where he led a team of three analysts. Recently, he was the Senior Portfolio Manager of the US team of London & Capital Asset Management where he led a team of three portfolio managers. He has over 12 years of experience in thematic investment. He frequently follows classes on robotics online and at Imperial College. Jonathan speaks fluently English, French and German. He is passionate about new technologies and holds a Private Pilot License.


Pepe Borrell
Director Crowdcube Spain
Degree in International Business from the University Pompeu Fabra- CSEC, began his career as an analyst in mergers and acquisitions in Madrid, working for major capital funds national and international risk. Since July 2014 Crowdcube directs subsidiary in Spain.Since then, Crowdcube has funded more than 30 Spanish companies worth 6 million euros. Globally, Crowdcube has funded more than 450 companies worth 220 million euros, becoming the leading investment platform in Europe for growing startups and SMEs.

Global Robot Expo 2017 aims to become benchmark in Europe

Madrid, 3 November 2016.

  • The second edition of GR-EX, which takes place from 2 to 4 February 2017, has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Red.es, the Region and City Hall of Madrid and sponsored by Everis, Altran and Phillips.
  • Global Robot Expo combines an exhibition of the latest technologies applied to robotics with conferences of internationally renowned speakers. It aims to be a meeting point between companies, researchers and investors.
  • The Madrid Drone Film Festival will be hosted for the first time in Spain as part of the ongoing activities of this international robotic trade show.

 Global Robot Expo (GR-EX), the international exhibition of robotics, related technologies, intelligent systems and innovation, is returning to Madrid in 2017 focused on the latest developments in this field.

Therefore, on the days 2, 3 and 4 February, Madrid’s Cristal de la Casa de Campo Pavilion, will become, for the second consecutive year and following the success of the first edition- which received around 10,000 visitors-, the European Headquarters for the most clamorous international robotics.

Among the developments for 2017 are the Humanoid robots, professional drone applications, assistance robotics and the presentation of an important R & D project on artificial telepathy developed by Altran, the company sponsoring the event together with Everis and Phillips.


What does the future hold for the industrial robotics?

Madrid 07/10/2016. Bruno Siciliano will be in Global Robot Expo 2017 to talk about the status quo, ongoing challenges and future prospects of the industrial robotics in Europe. Professor Bruno Siciliano is Director of the Interdepartmental Center for Advances in Robotic Surgery (ICAROS), as well as of the Laboratory of Robotics Projects for Industry, Services and Mechatronics (PRISMA Lab), at University of Naples Federico II. Fellow of the scientific societies IEEE, ASME, IFAC, he was President of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society from 2008 to 2009.