IMPACT RobotUnion offers acceleration and equity-free funding to disruptive, early-stage startups in the robotics vertical.

IMPACT RobotUnion offers acceleration and equity-free funding to disruptive, early-stage startups in the robotics vertical.

Now accepting applications.
Interested startups can learn more at an info session in Madrid.

Robot Union Info Session Madrid

IMPACT Accelerator will present the new program IMPACT RobotUnion in collaboration with ISDI Madrid.


Date: Thursday, June 21st

Time: 19h – 20h

Location: ISDI Madrid


This session will be led by Sebastián Muller, Acceleration Director (ISDI) and will include a description of the programs and time for Q&A, so startups can get answers to their questions about IMPACT Accelerator and the application process. The session will close with a presentation from a representative of the Global Robot Expo, the international exhibition on robotics, related technologies and innovation.


IMPACT RobotUnion will select 40 startups over two open calls to receive up to €223,000 equity-free in cash plus acceleration services. The four best startups will also have the possibility to be privately funded with around €1M with the help of Blumorpho, Odense Seed and Venture and Chrysalix, all part of the IMPACT RobotUnion consortium.
Selected companies will be able to participate in a “de-localized,” 12-month premium acceleration program, led by ISDI in collaboration with top research and technology organizations from all over Europe, key world-class digital ecosystem professionals, and entrepreneurs.

What does IMPACT RobotUnion offer?

–  State-of-the-art technical support and access to “premier-class” technology provided by top Research and Technology Organizations like VTT, DTI, TU Delft, Tecnalia and PIAP.

– World-class training and high level mentoring by a pool of expert mentors from Google, Airbnb, Ikea, Yahoo, Prisa, Microsoft, among others, provided by ISDI.Internationalization services.

– Presence in top European scaleup events and international PR exposure powered by Mobile World Capital.

– Fundraising services provided by Blumorpho (private funding) and FundingBox (public funding).

– Engagement with top global industry leaders such as MADE representing manufacturing leaders like Danfoss, Grundfos or Vestas among others; Arla in Agro Food; Fenin in Healthcare; and Ferrovial in Civil Infrastructure.

About IMPACT Accelerator

IMPACT Accelerator was recently ranked among the top ten seed accelerators in the world and number two in Europe, according to Gust. Our mission is to help startups grow and thrive through a demanding, transparent, high-performance acceleration program.


Startups interested in IMPACT RobotUnion can learn more and apply on the IMPACT website.

Exoskeletons: an overview of the market

Exoskeletons: an overview of the market


The consultory ABI Research confirms that the potential market of the exoskeletons for comercial and industrial use actually surpasses 2,6 millions of units in the world, with technologies that are able to endure the weight of the standing and crouching body being the most common. This figure contrasts with the total number of units of exoskeletons sold within the past few years.


Drone Regulation changes in Spain: urban areas & night flights

Drone regulation in Spain: urban areas & night flights

Drones y Espacio aéreo compartido

The 15th of December 2017 the Spanish Government approved the new regulation on drones. From now on it will be allowed to fly in urban areas and over crowds of people, upon approval of AESA (Spanish Aerospace Security Agency). The drone technology is constantly improving and is being implemented in different fields. That is why it is necessary to incorporate regulations to expand the number of environments where it is possible to fly UAVs.


The potential and responsibility of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence GR-EX

The concept of “artificial intelligence” was introduced in 1956 to define the possibility of implementing reasoning and self-learning capabilities into robotic system. It is not necessary to go to utopian visions of science fiction to confirm that Industry 4.0, the so-called fourth industrial revolution, has already begun to transform production systems through smart technologies’ platforms.

Examples of applications of Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are systems capable of interacting with humans

that function as virtual assistants. Surely you know Siri. Chatbots can be used as assistants during purchase processes, for educational projects or as pre-filters to refer queries to human advisors. The uses at our disposal are infinite, increasingly sophisticated and personalized, aiming to recreate human-like communication.


Global Robot Expo 2018 – Third edition

Global Robot Expo 2018


Global Robot Expo, abrirá sus puertas en una nueva edición, la tercera, atrayendo a un público profesional y destacando la presencia del sector Aeroespacial e Industria 4.0.

La tercera edición de Global Robot Expo, centrará su atención en las aplicaciones profesionales de la robótica y contará con la presencia de firmas líderes a nivel internacional que acuden a la exposición en busca de oportunidades sólidas de negocio en los diferentes sectores englobados tales como Inteligencia Artificial e Industria 4.0, que se presentan como ejes fundamentales y claves de la feria, junto a otros como son la robótica de servicio, el sector aeroespacial, soluciones aplicadas a la salud y tecnologías para la educación.


“Global Robot Expo consolidates Madrid as a clear benchmark in the robotics and technology sector”


Enric Forner: “Global Robot Expo consolidates Madrid as a clear benchmark in the robotics and technology sector”

  • The Crystal Pavilion at the Casa de Campo hosts this exhibition, open on 2, 3 and 4 February
  • Guests at the inauguration included Masahi Mizukami, Ambassador of Japan in Spain; Daniel T. Crocker, Trade Delegate at the US Embassy; Javier Ruiz, Deputy Regional Minister for Economy and Innovation from the Government of Madrid; Teresa Palahí, Secretary General of Fundación ONCE, and Jesús García Tello from
  • Over three days, Global Robot Expo will become a business and investment forum offering exhibitions of the industry’s most advanced robots and drones.


Join the Ferrovial Robot Challenge!

Madrid 27/01/2017. The best autonomous building robots will compete in Global Robot Expo.

  • Ferrovial has launched a challenge for the designers of autonomous robots that will compete from February 2 to 4 in Madrid.
  • The prototypes will have to carry the simulated loads in an environment of a real work to scale.
  • The competition will end with an exhibition of the top 10 selected robotics projects.


¡Join our robotic workshops on the 4th of February in GREX!

Madrid 26/01/2017. Saturday 4 February at Global Robot Expo at the Casa de Campo Glass Pavilion will be a day open to the general public and for families to enjoy and learn firsthand all the latest innovations in robotics, innovation and technology.

SPC – Makeblock, Camp Tecnologic and Future Kids Now are in charge of content nourishing these workshops and have organized some very interesting days so that people of all ages and passionate about robotics can learn a little more from the hand of the best experts Of the sector.