Dear friends,

First of all, on behalf of the entire GR-EX Team, I would like to send you our best wishes during this exceptional situation we are experiencing and, above all, we hope that you and your loved ones are in perfect health.

As you know, the dates for holding our event had already been changed to the next 10th and 11th June, hoping that the situation would improve and allow us to run it normally. We have been very attentive to how the situation was evolving, and after the latest news, I have to inform you that June is also not becoming to be a date that guarantees the necessary conditions of normality, security and success. For this reason, we are forced to discard them and postpone the event again to the last quarter of this year. We are considering different possible dates, so we will inform you of them as soon as possible.

As usual, we keep maximum transparency and rigor and that is why we believe that this postponement is the most appropriate decision we can make. However, the existing uncertainty does not ensure that circumstances cannot change or suffer limitations as has already occurred in other countries of the European Union, which would again affect the success of the event. If this happened, we would be forced to permanently postpone it to 2021.

This decision is not easy to make, since it affects a good number of workers, small and large companies and technicians, in addition to the economic impact that it entails at the local level, but our only priority is to guarantee health, in addition to ensure the commercial success.

We are convinced we made the right decision and we are going to work with the prospect of holding GR-EX this year. However, and depending on how events unfold, we will keep you informed of the situation, trying to fit everyone’s interests.

I want to thank all of you for your support and understanding, and we count on you to enjoy Global Robot Expo again. Do not doubt that we will keep working hard to have the best possible event.

Also indicate that our entire team is at your disposal to answer your questions and resolve any request you may have.

Thank you and health for all.

A warm greeting,

Enric Forner, CEO of Global Robot Expo