NVIDIA will share its advancements in AI, Deep Learning and autonomous vehicles at GR-EX 2019

NVIDIA will share its advancements in AI, Deep Learning and autonomous vehicles at GR-EX 2019.

NVIDIA is one of the relevant companies investing in AI and Autonomous Robotics that will be present in the GR-EX World Congress 2019 through its Group Director, Alain Tiquet.

Alain Tiquet, Group Director of NVIDIA 

Alain Tiquet joined NVIDIA in 1999 and he helped establish NVIDIA’s European operations from the UK. After spending time in sales, Tiquet was the head of the EMEA and India NVIDIA Marketing Organizations but later he moved to his native country, France, to work for the Business Development Group in 2008.

Nowadays, Alain Tiquet focuses on the entire ecosystem development including investments through the GPU Ventures Program , M & A, partnerships, distribution, co-marketing agreements, technology and patent licenses.

Alain Tiquet se unió a NVIDIA en 1999 y ayudó a establecer las operaciones europeas de NVIDIA desde el Reino Unido. Después

A bright future with Deep Learning and AI

It  is essential to talk about the work NVIDIA is doing in Deep Learning & AI and what are their multiple applications in the future through the industries such as: healthcare, retail, robotics, self-driving cars and so on.

The Deep Learning Revolution

Deep learning is the fastest-growing field in artificial intelligence, helping computers make sense of infinite amounts of data in the form of images, sound, and text. Using multiple levels of neural networks, computers now have the capacity to see, learn, and react to complex situations as well or better than humans.

At the present time, the Artificial Intelligence continues growing exponentially and recently NVIDIA revealed Deepgram, the first comprehensive deep-speech voice recognition system that uses NVIDIA GPU to make inferences and trainings. Deepgram’s automatic transcription tool, Deepgram Brain, searches for key words in transcriptions both by sound and by text.

The future about this area is promising and in a few years it will could change the world as we see, understand and live.

NVIDIA’s work in autonomous vehicles.

Nvidia works efficiently with AI to give the vehicles the power to see, think and learn, so they can navigate a nearly infinite range of possible driving scenarios.

NVIDIA AI platforms deliver a powerful cloud-to-car solution, from NVIDIA DGX systems for training deep neural networks in the data center to NVIDIA DRIVE solutions that enables real-time, low-latency inferencing in the car for safer driving.

In the present, this company has top-level partners like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, and Tesla to revolutionized how people drive and empower vehicles to drive themselves.

On one hand, the NVIDIA DRIVE platform combines deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision to change the driving experience. It is capable of understanding in real-time what is happening around the vehicle, precisely locating itself on an HD map, and planning a safe path forward.

Therefore, introducing Deep Learning into cars will change the way that we drive but not only that, the changes will could be marvellous for our life style style and for our safety.

Autonomous cars could drive a better future thanks to the reduction of lives through autonomous driving, they also help to save fuel and reduce the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and they can give freedom to people who cannot drive.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from Alain ́s insights on Artificial Intelligence in GR-EX World Congress that will take place in Madrid 8th and 9th of May 2019.


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